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Vanessa I. R. Craven

Vanessa I. R. Craven is a poet, author, artist and singer songwriter who lives in Daylesford, Australia, having made a ‘tree change’ from Melbourne where she worked as a Health Sciences Librarian. She hales from Mussoorie, a hill-station in Northern India in the Himalaya Mountains, where she was born and lived for 25 years. Her father was Welsh and her mother North Indian, and both were teachers. She owes much to her mother who encouraged her musicality in her early years by walking four km with her to her guitar lessons. In addition to this, her mother always encouraged her to write the annual Christmas letter to family and friends. This played an important part in developing her writing skills in those formative years. Vanessa followed her father’s example and developed a love of photography, art, literature and nature. She accompanied him on many camping, fishing, hunting and photography trips. She displays her art and photography in various galleries, and plays music in various settings and festivals. She has written many original songs, and won several awards. Lullaby for Monty and Forbidden Dance both won awards in the Australian Songwriters Association Contests in 2013 and 2016 respectively. She has recorded three albums and continues to play music with her bands. Her music can be found on her website and online streaming platforms. Vanessa has published short stories and poetry with the Moorabool Writers Craft. This is her first self-published book.