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‘Zooming’ became a virtual way of connectedness to other humans during the lockdowns, and it led me to join various song-writing, critiquing and performance groups. “Birds in My Tree” was one of the songs that I wrote during this period. I had never written a children’s song before. Someone in the critique group suggested that it had the potential for a children’s book. The seed was sown, so here it is!

I hope the book brings much joy and appreciation of our flighty feathered friends. May their quirky personalities, bird sounds, photographs and this song, “Birds in My Tree”, enlighten and enliven the imaginations of ‘little folk’ 4 to 7 years of age. I hope it gives them a love for nature, leading them to a sense and desire to treasure, nurture and protect wildlife; to grow up and be advocates for protecting our ever-diminishing wildlife and their habitats; to spend more time in the fresh air and not lose the art of connectedness to Earth, and Nature.


YouTube Song

The book comes with this YouTube link and a QR Code which takes you to the live recording of the song in the book.